Pipewin Installation

Thanks for choosing Pipewin. Installing Pipewin on your Zoom account is a pretty straightforward process. After connecting your Zoom account to Pipewin, you will have access to meeting summaries and insights.


1. Click here to install Pipewin to your Zoom account

Please follow this link through our Slack application, where possible, as it is going to link your Slack account with your Zoom account. This makes us ensure that you will receive meeting summaries in your account as soon as they are ready.
Pipewin will automatically detect your meetings from your calendar and ask you if you want to record the meeting. No additional action is required on your side. Currently, joining meetings which are not on your calendar is not supported. Please let us know if this is a feature that you are interested in.
Uninstall Instructions
We are sorry to see you go. Please follow the instructions below to remove Pipewin from your Zoom account.
1. Visit Zoom Marketplace
Make sure you are logged into your account. You can login to your account by clicking on the “Login” button on the navigation bar.
2. After you are authenticated, click on “Manage” button on the navigation bar.
3. Click on the “Added Apps” which is on the sidebar, and click on the “Remove” button next to the Pipewin application. Please let us know if you have experienced any issues during the installation or uninstallation process. We are looking forward to hear your thoughts on Pipewin.